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19990206_10155354652676215_1546365568747848386_nSometimes kids just have to grow up too early. Often times children in our communities don’t have the opportunities to be a normal child. Instead of spending their days learning, laughing and playing, we noticed that a lot of children were having to stay home and care for their younger siblings. You see, most of the mothers in our community have to work. In fact, mom is often the sole breadwinner for the family. So, the responsibility of childcare falls to older children. We saw that children as young as five years old were staying home and looking after younger kids – as young as newborns. Thus, from the beginning, Project M:25 has been committed to providing care for preschoolers so that older brothers and sisters could participate in our nutrition, education and enrichment activities.

1This ministry to our smallest members has grown steadily. No longer is one or two rooms sufficient to provide for their care and learning. The number of wee little ones increased, causing us to dedicate an entire house to providing love and attention to the preschoolers. We praise God that a team came and performed “an extreme makeover” on one of our houses. The new sensory wall and ball pit were an instant hit with the kids while the teachers greatly appreciated the new roof, colorful paint and new supplies.
Now our children and teens need to learn about technology so that they can succeed academically and be competitive in tomorrow’s workplace. We want to convert one of our rooms into a “technology center” with age appropriate learning devices and programs for the kids. And we also want to make a computer lab for the older children which will also serve as an evangelistic outreach to the other kids and teenagers in our community. We need $8000 to prepare the space and purchase the technology. Please partner with us to make this vision into a reality!

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