Make a Child feel LOVED this Christmas

Make a child feel loved this Christmas

A child in Ecuador may NOT have a gift this Christmas other than what Project M:25 provides.

$20 gives a child a party, nutritious meal & gifts.


Help us show the LOVE of God to HUNDREDS of at-risk children in Ecuador this Christmas. Every $20 provides a special day of Bible-focused fun, a nutritious meal and special gifts that are often the only gift the child will receive.

These are children who live in the poorest conditions you can imagine. Many of them work in the streets to help their families get by. These children greatly appreciate the gifts they receive and will cherish them.

Each year, give each child was a sweater with a Bible verse printed on it. This is the favorite shirt for many of them as they have worn it frequently throughout the year. The smiles on their faces as they receive these simple gifts are priceless. It is such a joy for us to be able to be the arms of Jesus extended to these children for this special day.

We may be the ones here to receive the hugs, but this huge endeavor is only made possible with YOUR support. Every $20 greatly impacts a child’s life for Christ. Please consider sponsoring a child or several this year to help us spread God’s love.

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or mail to:

PO Box 2106, Anniston, AL 36202.

Church of God World Missions Project M:25 #102-9249


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