Great commission mission

20046785_10212658915365245_2981596189552276884_nHave you ever felt like you needed a little something extra to help you achieve greatness and make a significant impact? Someone to invest in you and give you a practical “how-to” tool that would help you make it to the next level? This summer, I had the privilege of directing The South American Leadership Project. This brave initiative focused on equipping and training 50 urban Ecuadorian pastors and church planters. Classroom instruction was combined with deep conversation, relationship development and peer mentoring. As a result, pastors and church planters are now better equipped to communicate the gospel through ministry opportunities in their own communities. One pastor testified, “Before this training, I pastored a church in the city. Now I pastor an urban church. This training transformed my understanding of how to do ministry to, for and with the people of the city. My church and I are now positioned to make a huge impact for Christ in our community and city.”

This bold initiative will continue and envisions developing and training 1000 pastors to plant and develop churches accomplishing evangelism and discipleship within all the major population centers of the world, first in South America and then expanding globally. We already have plans to go to Bogota, Colombia and Buenos Aires, Argentina soon and are in conversations with other mega-cities like Tokyo, Japan and Nairobi, Kenya. THIS IS MISSION WITH AUTHENTIC VISION THAT WILL BRING HARVEST – THIS IS GREAT COMMISSION MISSION!

Please consider partnering with us and this brave initiative to train and equip urban pastors and church planters around the world.

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